i wanted to say i appriciate you so very much, you mean lots to me and i only wish for the best for you! you are very wonderful and just so amazing you are absoutly breathtaking and i just get so flustered around you /pos you are so amazing and you make me so happy and you chear me up without even realizing it :> speaking with you is just so fun and i wish for it 2 last for a very long time!! calling you and just doing whatever is so fun as well even if we end up just watching a video, i enjoy being with you and just enjoy you being with me. meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me and im glad i can be able to talk to you everyday:) im very bad at words so this may be short but i love you so dearly you have no idea man, sometimes i am dumb so if i ever do something stupid pls tell me! the last thing i want to do is make you upset, you being happy is very important to me! i would do pretty much everything to cheer you up!! ur laugh makes me very happy and ur voice is just so calming and !!!wefnkfesknfsfmjsnfk ok im just gonna keep rambling but i hope u like this page!! its a bit bland bc im still learning but :> ok bvye <3333

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